Concept and Art for Point and click game.


The game takes place in the fictional place "Nanolia", located in the Amazonas forest. The main characters are mushrooms that work for the local TV, who go out for a shooting day in the oaks village. The main character realizes it is stuck living on the same day and no one else is aware of this. The goal of the game is to help the main character pass over to the next day.

van class 5.jpg
keren lassen1 5.jpg

Keren the loveable Character

The TV van made of clam

old balut.jpg
בלוט שיעור 5.jpg

the oak character

The old oak 

nam class no.5.jpg
nam class no.5.jpg
nam class no.5.jpg
oy man.jpg

The nice and sleepy Camera man Nam

The main character Oy


Line up

lineup colored copy.jpg

UI- The oak characters are the tool bearers

reg 44.jpg

screen shot #1

חדר ריק בלי חפצים סופי.jpg

screen shot #2